The Greenwashing Domino Effect

The greenwashing domino effect is when something is marketed as green or eco-friendly and is not. This can lead to consequences for the person believing that they have invested in something ‘green’. This effect is multiplied and continues. The point of explaining this is to show that when greenwashing is allowed, it can create a larger issue in the community as well as in peoples’ private lives and businesses.

What people have been doing, according to this article in Forbes magazine ( is that
“In some cases, Attorneys’ General are fighting greenwashers. In others, there is a movement towards tighter government oversight and regulations. With stricter and clearer guidelines coupled with greater consumer scrutiny, it will engender a tougher environment for false environmental claims.”

The more we do to hold greenwashers responsible for their actions, marketing, and P.R., the less likely it will happen in the future.


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