Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees

Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees

As the holiday come around you may be considering getting a Christmas tree for decoration. I never could decide which was better, cutting down a real tree and having the traditional German decoration or avoiding the allergies, mess, and moral beating or getting a weird looking fake plastic one to reuse, even if it is made out of un- recyclable plastic. After reading this article, I still cannot decide. Normally, I am very opinionated but on this matter I just cannot decide which is better…

I have heard but not researched about renting christmas trees. Companies will plant them in the ground, dig them up and pot them, and at the end of the Christmas season will pick them up and re-plant them so they can continue to grow. I can imagine that this must stress the tree but it must be better than cutting one down.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice or advice on this topic?


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