Public Transit vs. Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars are better for the environment that their ‘normal’ counterparts but that does not make them green. I do not want to bring you down by tearing apart every product that is trying to make a difference. I just think it is a good thing to be critical of all products, not just the ones we dislike or are easy to label as being environmentally unfriendly.

I want to start you on thinking more about why there is so much research, time, and money put into the development of products that are  marketed as ‘green’ instead of infrastructure that we know for a fact is green. For example, why are companies investing in Hybrid cars when instead they could be investing in building or better yet improving infrastructure like mass public transit systems that are green?

Do you have any ideas on this topic? For one thing, these car companies would have to completely restructure their manufacturing facilities, which would make them lose money. Can you think of anything else that would make them not want to switch over?


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