This website is meant to highlight companies and products that are considered greenwashers. It is sponsored by Greenpeace, which is a well known environmental group. Regardless of how you feel about Greenpeace, this website focuses on what people and organizations are doing to stop greenwashing and is worth taking a look at.

I enjoyed reading the bits about airlines such as American, United, and Continental. The amount of CO2 that gets dumped into the atmosphere per flight is astounding. For these airlines to stay afloat, they feel they must show the public that they are the greenest airline out there. They have been advertising themselves as environmentally friendly and urging customers to fly in “Eco-skies”. This quote from an article on the website sums it up perfectly, “But meanwhile were suing in the European Court of Justice to block a new law that holds airlines accountable for their global warming pollution.Classic Greenwash.”

For other good articles and ways to see what is being done to stop this greenwashing, check out the website. Thanks for checking in.


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