Plastic: The Devil’s Resin

Plastic. It’s a miracle product. It lasts forever, doesn’t break if you drop it, can be clear or colored any way you like, it can be thick or thin, it can hold almost anything, and it can kill you. It is derived from petroleum, never biodegrades, attracts fats and toxins, and is an endocrine disruptor. Not only is this bad for us, but it’s specifically bad for the environment, multiple ecologies, and uncountable plants and animals.

There are a million things that you may not even realize have plastic in them. For example, all the tupperware you put your leftovers in leaches out the toxins in the plastic, especially if you heat it up, say… in the microwave. Or what about the plastic that lines most cans? Not only do the toxins seep into your food, but because the metal is coated with plastic, it cannot be recycled. Here’s the kicker. Did you know that the majority of gum has plastic in it? Maybe we should have listened to our mothers when they said don’t swallow your gum.

Check out for ideas about how to live without plastic in your life. There is even a 30 day plastic-free challenge; and I challenge you! It seems so straight forward, but until you try to live without it, you won’t know how controlled by it you are.

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