Compostable Plastic?

Composting is a good thing for waste. Plastic is not a good thing for waste. What about compostable plastic? 

Most of it is made from Ethanol, which is derived from corn. The production of the corn used to create this type of oil promotes mono-cropping, which has at times proven to be beneficial for agribusiness but devastating to the environment.  I have been told by multiple waste management experts that composting plastics like these take a lot of time and energy. Most composting facilities do not run the kind of operation necessary to get the compost piles hot enough to break down the plastics. 

This information begs the question: Is it worth it? What do you think? 

It could be a greenwashing hoax to use the surplus of corn that this country produces. If this is true, why not send the corn to starving nations who suffer from famine. Instead of developing new technologies to make different kinds of plastic, why not develop ones that will turn plastics back into oil. There is not much official information about this topic readily available and I must wonder why. What do you instincts tell you about this issue? Is biodegradeable plastic a greenwashing scam or the answer to many of our environmental pleas? 

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